In this post, you can find many links to Azure learning resources.

Azure learning paths : Gain expertise in developing and maintaining applications for the edge, on-premises, and the cloud.

Microsoft Docs : Explore in-depth information about the technologies and development tools available from Microsoft.

Azure Tuesdays : Your questions regarding Microsoft Azure’s virtual machines, websites, mobile services, development and testing, etc. are answered by Corey Sanders. Corey will look up the answer to any question you may have!

Azure Friday : During this session, Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, or Lara Rubbelke will host the engineers who built Azure, demo it, answer questions, and share insights.

Azure Enablement Show : Watch the Azure Enablement Show, where we give technical guidance, hints, and best practices to accelerate your move to the cloud, create well-designed cloud applications, and optimize your Azure solutions.

Exam Readiness Zone : Join the experts as they offer advice on how to approach a Microsoft Certification test and other preparation techniques. You may decide how much time to spend studying by watching our exam preparation videos, which will also show you the essential information and abilities tested on the exam. Every video clip relates to a significant test topic. Our tutor will draw attention to objectives that many exam takers find challenging. In these videos, we provide sample queries and responses along with justifications. After completing your training or getting some practice in, we advise you to view these videos. You can view them, though, at any stage of your certification process. In addition, we offer extra materials for exam preparation.

Azure community support : Ask technical questions about Azure, receive responses from community experts and Microsoft developers, and get Azure assistance that has been approved by users. New to Q&A? See the starting out article down below.

Microsoft Certifications : Earn certifications that verify your ability to stay up-to-date with the technological requirements and responsibilities of today. For a variety of technical job roles, Microsoft provides certification paths. To obtain certification for any of these certifications, you must pass a series of exams.

Microsoft Azure Blog : Get the most recent Azure news, announcements, and updates from the Azure blog. Hear from the Azure experts on current events and product updates.

Microsoft Azure (YouTube Channel) : Welcome to the official Microsoft Azure YouTube channel.

LinkedIn Azure Learning : Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Azure.

E-books on the cloud and Azure : Use expert articles, guides, and infographics designed for technical experts and business executives to better comprehend cloud computing.

Azure Architecture Center : Advice on how to architect solutions on Azure using tested patterns and techniques.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure : Proven advice and best practices that assist you in adopting the cloud with confidence and achieving your objectives.

Azure Site Recovery : Make sure that your business can continue operating even amid significant IT disruptions. Azure Site Recovery provides simplicity in setup, efficiency in cost, and dependability.

Azure Migrate : To assess your current workloads and plan and implement your migration to Azure, use the Azure Migrate hub of cloud migration services.

Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints : Get a list of the limitations of Azure services.

Free a 30 days subscription : Build in the cloud with an Azure free account

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