In this post, we will see how to remove unused subscriptions and directories. 

Remove Unused Directories

All of us at a point to time we had to add our email account to another AAD (Azure Active Directory). But, for some reason, we forget or we don’t know the way to remove this from our Azure account.

Open an internet browser and type the address

From the top right side, select the account, and click the settings icon

In the profile page, we are able to view the organization that our Microsoft account is engaged.

Suppose that the Organization name we want to remove is the “cloudopszone”, select Leave organization, and in the pop-out click Leave

A few seconds later we receive a message, that we left from the directory “cloudopszone

…And 2 – 3 minutes later, if we check the directories under the Microsoft account we can see that the “cloudopszone” directory doesn’t exist.

Cancel Azure Subscription

If we want to cancel an Azure Subscription this is pretty easy and it can be done from the Azure Portal.
From the main left blade, select Subscriptions.

In the new blade up and right on the Azure Portal, click the button Cancel Subscription

At the next message, we MUST be sure if we really want to cancel the subscription, as the message show.

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