Azure SQL database Managed Instance is a fully managed SQL Server instance hosted in Azure Cloud with full communication with the company’s LAN and provides most SQL Server 2017 features.


SQL Database Managed Instance has plenty of benefits:

Security: SQL Audit, Row Level Security, Always Encrypted, etc.
Programmability : Cross-database queries, Linked Server, CLR modules, etc.
Operational : SQL Agent, DMVs, XEvents, DB Mail, etc.


For me, the coolest thing is that finally there are features available that previously someone could have only found on an on-premise SQL Server installation. Imagine a SQL Server instance fully isolated and protected in Azure cloud inside your corporate network. It sounds awesome and it truly is .

  • Always Encrypted, (Read More here)
  • Always On Availability Groups, (More about Always On AG, in this link)
  • SQL Server Agent (Read about this feature in this link)
  • SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • SQL Server Powershell (Read More here)
  • Windows Server Failover Clustering (Read More in Microsoft docs)


For more details about Managed Instance Features, please see the official Microsoft documentation here.

There are three ways a user can access Azure Managed Instance :

  • Deploying a VM inside the same VNet and connect via SSMS.
  • From a remote point, if you deploy a P2S (Point-To-Site) or S2S (Site-To-Site) VPN
  • Connect a Web Application to a Managed Instance using Azure App VNet
Notice: If the VM is in a different VNet, then you need to establish peering between those two VNets.

Managed Instances Deployment Steps

  • VNet Configuration, for more details, check this link
  • Create a Managed Instance, for more details click here.

Pricing Tier

Managed Instance cost is a result of  :  compute cost (vCores) + storage & backup (GBs) + Consumed IOs.

The cost is calculated Hourly or Monthly, the table below shows the prices per General Purpose :

Gen 4 – Intel E5-2673 v3 (Haswell) 2.4 GHz processors    More Details
vCoreMemoryIncluded StorageLicense Included PriceAzure Hybrid Benefit Price
856First 32 GB/ month€0.9054/hour /  ~€660.93/month€0.5682/hour (~37%) / ~€414.77/month (~37%)
16112First 32 GB/ month€1.8108/hour / ~€1,321.86/month€1.1364/hour (~37%) / ~€829.54/month (~37%)
24168First 32 GB/ month€2.7162/hour / ~€1,982.79/month€1.7046/hour (~37%) / ~€1,244.31/month (~37%)
Gen 5 –  Intel E5-2673 v4 (Broadwell) 2.3 GHz processors  More Details
844First 32 GB/ month€0.9054/hour /  ~€660.93/month€0.5682/hour (~37%) / ~€414.77/month (~37%)
1688First 32 GB/ month€1.8108/hour / ~€1,321.86/month€1.1364/hour (~37%) / ~€829.54/month (~37%)
24132First 32 GB/ month€2.7162/hour / ~€1,982.79/month€1.7046/hour (~37%) / ~€1,244.31/month (~37%)
32176First 32 GB/ month€3.6216/hour / ~€2,643.72/month€2.2728/hour (~37%) / ~€1,659.08/month (~37%)
40264First 32 GB/ month€4.527/hour / ~€3,304.64/month€2.8409/hour (~37%) / ~€2,073.84/month (~37%)
StoragePreview Price

First 32 GB/ month  *Included
Additional storage€0.0578/GB



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