This service allows users to deploy a set of identical virtual machines. Virtual machines can auto-scale by defining rules for resources like CPU, Memory, Network Traffic etc. Also, there is an Azure Load balancer which distributes traffic to the Virtual Machine instances in the scale set.

Deploy your first VM scale set


Virtual  machine scale set nameDemoscaleset
Operating system disk imageWindows Server 2016
SubscriptionSubscription Name
Resource GroupDemoRGscaleset
LocationWest Europe
Confirm passwordP@ssw0rd
Instance count2
Instance sizeDS1_v2
Use managed disksNO / YES
Public IP address nameScalesetPublicIP


Operating System Disk Images to choose for VM scale set

After deployment, you can check the Virtual Machine scale set, Overview blade.

Connect to VM scale set


Enter  Azure Load balancer blade, select SETTINGS Inbound NAT rules (by default are created rules for RDP access).

To connect to your VM open Remote Desktop Connection, Start – Run  and type MSTSC.




Where do I start when building a warm home?How can i test to see if the VM – Scale Set works ?



Test VM Scale set deployment

You can do that by following the next steps :

  1. Download a Tool to simulate CPU / Memory / Disk Load
  2. Run it on the server and just wait auto-scale procedure  to begin based on the rules you added to the first deployment.


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