The following instructions, are describing the configuration steps, regarding the Remote Debugging with VS17 on an Azure VM.

Preliminary, you must check the VS version. Each version, corresponds to different Remote Tools

Visual Studio VersionLink
2015 Upd 3download

Install Remote Tools

At the first step, check Accept the license terms and conditions and click Install.

setup is running…


And finally, the setup is successful


Remote Tools Configuration

Open the Remote Debugger icon

ToolsOptions, check No Authentication /  Allow any user to debug and click OK

After having downloaded and installed the correct VS version you need to configure both Windows & Azure Firewalls.

Visual Studio VersionPort


Windows Firewall Configuration

Remote Tools4022Default TCP Port for Visual Studio 2017 Remote Debugger


Azure Firewall Configuration 

*** If a Load Balancer exists then you must add the following Inbound Rule ***

Azure Load Balancer NAT Rule


……One step away debugging

Open Visual Studio, DebugAttach to Process…

Type on Connection Target field, IP address:Port, e.g  XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:4022, and Click Refresh.


Possible Error Messages

Error Message 1:

Causes :

1.Possible firewall (Windows or Azure), Azure Load Balancer (if exists) misconfiguration.
2. Remote Tools process is not running


Error Message 2:


1. On the Remote Debugger, check if the Options are not configured correctly.


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