Hi folks, in this really quick post I will explain to you how to authenticate D365 Online with AAD Service Principal.


Before proceed, please make sure you meet the following prerequisites.

  • A Dynamics 365 online instance
  • An active MS account
  • A valid Azure Subscription

The Steps

By following the steps below, you will be able to create Dynamics 365 Online for your Azure Data Factory Pipeline.

Step 1: Register AAD App

Register a new App in the AAD (Azure Active Directory)

Sign in to Azure Portal (portal.azure.com)

From the left-hand side blade, navigate to the Azure Active DirectoryApp registrations, and select + New registration

Type a name for the new registered App, select  “Accounts in this organizational directory only“, and click the Register button.

Step 2: API Permissions

The next step is to give the appropriate API permissions to the registered App.

From the left-hand side menu select ManageAPI permissions –  + Add a permission

On the Request API permissions find and select Dynamics CRM

mark the checkbox user_impersonation and click Add permissions

Select Grant admin consent for {Your Tenant name}

Click Yes, to confirm the permission admin consent

Step 3: Create Secret Key

In the 3rd step, we have to create a new secret key for the registered app.

Navigate to ManageCertificates & Secrets and select to create a New client secret

Type a Description and select when the secret will expires

After the Client secret creation, immediately copy the Client Secret value to keep it because it will disappear after some time.


Step 4: Create a new Dynamics 365 application user

to the Dyn365 online instance and navigate to SettingsSecurityUsers.


Change the view to Application Users and select + New

In the new Application User form, paste in the Application ID field the Azure AD registered App Application (client) ID  and click Save.

Navigate to MANAGE ROLES, select the appropriate role for the Application user and click OK.

Step 5: Configure the Dynamics 365 connector

The 5th step is the last one, where you will create the Dynamics 365 linked service to the Azure Data Factory.

From the left panel select ManageLinked services+ New

In the search field type “Dynamics“, and select Dynamics 365

In the next step, you have to type into the mandatory fields all the necessary pieces of information, as the image below shows.

Thank you for reading!



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