The purpose of creating a Dev Test Lab in Azure is to give different development and QA/ Testers teams the capability to upload and test the source code for every project of them.

Dev Test Lab Benefits

  • Deploy VM/VMs with all code and dev tools
  • Cost Control, with auto start / stop feature
  • Create formulas(reusable bases), to modify environments
  • Add Policies, for every Lab/User

Create your first Dev Test Lab

In the next step you will see how, you can Create a Dev Test Lab, and add a VM for your company’s Development Web Team.


Create Dev Test Lab

First, you should create the DevTest Lab, as the following image shows.

Create Virtual Machine

First, choose a base. For  example type the name {visual} and select a Visual Studio version to deploy.

In the next step the Virtual machine (configure settings) blade opens, and you are ready to fill up the fields.

When the DevTest Lab deployment completes, you can see new resources inside the Resource Group

After, the deployments are finished in  DevTest Lab – MY LAB – My virtual machines, you can see your VM.

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