The purpose of this post is to examine how easy it is to transfer files from one service to another. This can be easily done with the service.

We need to know which connectors should be used for which Microsoft services before starting the demo. Please refer to the table below for more details:


Microsoft serviceWhich Mover connector to use
Azure Blob StorageAzure Blob Storage Connector
OneDrive ConsumerOneDrive Consumer Connector
OneDrive for Business (Administrator)Office 365 Connector
OneDrive for Business (User)OneDrive for Business (User) Connector
SharePoint OnlineOffice 365 Connector

Let’s demo it

In this demo, we will copy files from an Azure Storage account to a OneDrive for Business (User) account.


  • Grant access to the cloud storage accounts
  • Global admin account to authorize access to OneDrive


Setup source and destination and run the migration

Sign to and click the “Use Migration Manager for work or school” button.


Step 1. Select source

Click on the “Authorize New Connector” button

Select to Authorize the Azure Blob Storage connector


On Azure Portal, go to Storage AccountAccess Keys and copy the storage account name and keysType the Account Name, Account Key and click Authorize.

If the authorization is successful then we will be able to see the Azure Storage containers.

Step 2. Select destination

Select the OneDrive Consumer service and select Authorize

In the next step, click the Authorize button

Accept the permissions in order can access OneDrive folders


Step 3. Start transfering

In the 3rd and final step, we have to press the Start Copy button to begin the copy of the files from the Azure Blob Storage to the OneDrive folder.

The job has loaded, and the three files have been successfully copied to the OneDrive folder, as seen in the image below.

Afterwards, we can see the files in the OneDrive folder on the local machine.





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