Azure Files support Server Message Block protocol standard (SMB) and give the capability to create a file share to an on-premises server as a mapped network drive.

Create Storage Account

 Setting  Value
Name  Type the Storage account name, must be unique.
Deployment model  For new deployments select Resource manager, for existing deployments, select Classic
Account Kind  For more details, visit the following link
Location  Select the storage account location
Replication  For more details, visit the following link
Performance  HDD drives are for Standard Performance & SSD drives are for Premium Performance
Secure Transfer required  For more details, visit the following link.
Subscription  Select your Azure subscription
Resource group Select the Resource Group for your storage account deployment
Virtual networks If Enabled then you can access this storage account from the specified VNet (existing or a new one)


Enter your storage account blade and click Files.

Create New File Share

After clicking Files, click the File share button in the menu.

Specify Name and Quota fields

Your new File share is ready.

To map to a network drive, right click on your new File share and select Connect

Execute the appropriate command on your local machine

Azure File Share is mounted on the local machine











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