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In this post series, we will talk about one of the most important services on Azure, the Azure Security Center. Throughout this post, we will read what Azure Security Center is, what are the licensing tiers, how we can enable and use the security functionalities that it offers.

Azure Security Center is a unified monitor security management platform across our cloud, on-premises and hybrid workloads. We can achieve this security for our workloads by using security policies, advanced analytics reports, security alerts, threat prevention, JIT access, etc.

Licensing Tiers

Azure Security Center has two tier offerings:

  • Free: The Free tier is by default enable to all Azure Subscriptions and it provides security assessment, policy and recommendations.
  • Standard: The Standard tier provides more security functionalities, like regulatory compliance, Just in time VM access, threat protection for PaaS and IaaS, adaptive application controls.

In the table below we can see what  Standard tier provides in contrast to Free.

Continuous assessment and security recommendationsYesYes
Azure Secure ScoreYesYes
Adaptive application Controls and network hardeningNoYes
Threat protection for supported PaaS servicesNoYes
Regulatory compliance dashboard and reportsNoYes
Threat protection for Azure VMs and non-Azure  servers (including Server EDR)NoYes
Just in time  VM AccessNoYes
Microsoft Defender ATP for ServersNoYes

Licensing Costs

Resource TypeStandard Tier
Virtual MachineServer/hour
App ServicesApp Service/hour
SQL DatabaseServer/hour
IoT Devices – by device€0.0009/month
IoT Devices – by messages€0.169/25K transactions
Azure Kubernetes ServicesvCore/hour
Azure Container RegistryPer image
Key Vaults10K transactions

For more details please check this document.

Supported environments

Azure Security Center supports the following Cloud and Hybrid environments:

  • Only Azure
  • Azure and on-premises
  • Azure and other clouds
  • Azure, other clouds, and on-premises

Azure Security Center Modules Overview





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