Azure Cloud Shell is a browser bash and PowerShell command line shell. It gives the opportunity to run bash & PowerShell commands from anywhere.
In the following steps, you’ll see what Azure Cloud Shell offers and how can be deployed.

Open Cloud Shell from the Azure Portal,


Choose between Bash (Linux) | Powershell (Windows),

Cloud Shell Bash(Linux)

When you choose Bash, then you will see an image like the following,


Cloud Shell Powershell (Windows)

On the other hand, Cloud Shell Powershell (Windows), start like the next image shows.


Useful Info’s:

  1. Create an Azure File Share, to persist your  files.
    When you launch Cloud Shell for the first time, it prompts you to create a new Storage Account

2. You can let Azure Cloud Shell to create a New Storage Account by selecting your Subscription and push the button [Create Storage], or you can click [Show advanced settings], and type the names you want for Resource Group, Storage Account, File share.

3. Azure Cloud Shell creates an image file (5 GB) on the Azure file share , like the next image shows.




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