In this quick post, we will learn the steps for the Azure Sponsorship migration to EA subscription. But first, it’s good to write what exactly are the Azure Sponsorship offer versus the Enterprise Agreement.

MS Azure Offers

Azure Sponsorship

Microsoft enables this kind of offer for Azure services, only for a limited number of customers.

Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA)

This offer is addressed for enterprise customers. They can use Azure Services and at the same time, they can retain a large number of licenses and other online services.

Migrate an Azure Sponsorship To Azure EA

Login To EA Portal

Login to the EA Portal (  ) with the Service Administrator Account.

Add Azure Sponsorships account to EA enrollment

From the left EA portal main blade select Manage and click Account.

On the right side click +Add Account, as the image below shows.

On the pop-up form [Add Account] Add the Account details and click Add.

Transfer The Azure Sponsorship subscription To EA

The next we have to do is to hover over the account details and from the right side select Transfer Subscription, as the image below shows.

There are three steps until the transfer completes.

Step 1. Select Subscriptions

At the first step, select the Source subscription (the one we want to migrate) and click Next.

Step 2. Select Target Account

Next, we select the Target Account and click Next

Step 3. Confirm Information

The 3rd and final step it’s about to confirm the information and submit the changes.

In this point, we must wait for a couple of minutes, about 10 minutes before the resources show up to the new subscription.

Confirm That The Subscription is Transferred

Last, but at least too important step, is to check if the subscription is transferred. To do this login to the Azure Portal with the account owner of the AAD in EA agreement. If all the previous steps were completed successfully then we are able to see a new subscription named “Migrated Subscription  (Converted to EA)“.

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