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Network Trace Capture

Windows command shell allows you to capture network traffic by using netsh command. Netsh trace start scenario=NetConnection capture=yes report=yes persistent=no maxsize=1024 correlation=yes traceFile=C:\Logs\NetTrace.etl netsh trace stop  

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Capture a Network Trace using CMD

In this post, you can see an easy way to capture a network trace on a Windows machine. You just need to type the following command. Open an elevated command prompt and run : C:\Windows\system32>netsh trace start persisten=yes capture=yes...

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Azure VM CPU Per Series

Azure VM CPU Per Series

In this post, you can see the categories of virtual machines you can open in the cloud, as well as the CPU type of each: A - SERIES (A0 -A7) CPU Intel Xeon®  E5-2630 v3 @ 2.4 GHz Cores / Threads :  8 / 16, L3 Cache :  20 MB,  Data Width : 64 bit  A - SERIES  (A8-A11)...

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List Heap Tables

Heap table are the tables which they don’t have any  clustered index. : -- List all heap tables SELECT + '.' + AS TableName FROM sys.tables AS TBL INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH ON TBL.schema_id = SCH.schema_id INNER JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX ON...

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