In this post, i will share some of the tools I use daily in work.

CmderCmder is a  useful opensource console applicationDownload
SQL NexusA tool that allows you to create charts & reports for SQL Server performance issuesDownload
PssdiagThis is a tool with a graphic interface that helps to collect SQL server data Download
 PSTools A number of powerful tool which helps someone to administer Windows systems. Download
Who_Is_Active Stored Procedure for SQL Server activity monitoring.Download 
 SSMS 2017 An integrated  environment for managing SQL Server infrastructure Download
Azure Powershell A set of cmdlets that allows to manage Azure resources Download
Putty This is an SSH and telnet clientDownload
Bitvise SSH ClientAn SSH  and SFTP client for Windows.Download
Az Command-Line A command line tool for managing Azure resourcesDownload 
Notepad ++ Free source code editorDownload
Postman A REST client that  sends API requestsDownload 
Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer A tool that allows users to work with Azure Storage on Windows, Linux and Mac.Download


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