SQL Nexus is a very useful utility that helps to identify SQL Server performance issues, by visualizing data logs using chart and reports. You can read how to collect diagnostics data using pssdiag in my previous article here.

Before you install SQL Nexus, you must be sure that SQL Server 2016 Report View libraries are already installed on the machine.
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Reporting services. Download
Download SQL Nexus latest version from here

Step 1:

The first time SQL Nexus opens, you must choose a SQL Server instance. Type the SQL Server instance credentials and click [Connect].

Step 2:

You have to create a SQL Nexus database, the data logs are inserted in this database.


Step 3:

From the left pane, select Import,

Step 4:

Select the output folder and click [Import]

Step 5:

Data importing procedure is running…


Step 6:

After the previous steps, you are ready to start open the reports. You can do that from the left pane [Reports], by selecting SQL Perf Main.

Step 7:

Now you ready, to select Per category the report that you want to analyze the data.

for example, you can see the following report, for Bottleneck Analysis.


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